Hi, I’m Rob Stanley, founder of the Triumph & Treason Music Association. I would like to thank you for taking the time to come by today and check us out.

The Triumph & Treason Music Association is a nation wide army of proud Americans dedicated to honoring heroes and exposing villains in contemporary music and American pop culture. Once you take a look at the pages of our sites, it should be clear how we define “heroes” and “villains”.

This is executed through our integrated online magazine [Triumph & Treason Magazine], social network [FreeRadicalsUSA.com], artist directory [Deploraband.com] – and shortly, our live shows.

The defeat of Hillary Clinton in the fall 2016 by Donald Trump for president was by all accounts a blessing. However, as I’m sure you are well aware, this war is far from over.

The liberal progressive left really does hate America and is willing to commit any fraud, destroy any life, ruin any institution, fund and encourage violence, and put any foreign interest first – in order to deny and dismantle any notion of “American Exceptionalism”.

They are willing to tear down borders allowing the unimpeded flow of illegals in order to garner votes, at the same time demonizing successful Americans to create class warfare.

If you oppose open borders, the treason media classifies you as an anti-immigrant racist.

If you are a successful American in favor of tax reform, you must not be paying your “fair share”.

Limousine liberal Bruce Springsteen, who has by any account profited massively in the American system announces to a foreign audience that he is an “embarrassed American”. Total wackos like Madonna talk of “blowing up the White House” since Trump won. This kind of sedition is applauded by the media and acedemia.

And, never before in the history of the country has the media been so committed to the defeat of a presidential candidate while promoting and propping up the liberal. And, never before have “entertainers” and treason media gone so far out of their way to tear down a president by creating fake scandals once elected.

Have absolutely no doubt – if you are a proud American who supports Trump, this is war!

Triumph and Treason Magazine is here to give you quick headlines of the day by cutting though all the fake news and blog clutter and outright lies. We primarily focus on what’s happening in music, entertainment, and pop culture, but anything noteworthy is fair game. The good and the bad share the spotlight, and we highlight stories of particular importance.

Our social “collusion” network FreeRadicalsUSA.com is a digital meeting place for proud Americans to communicate in unique ways, share important information and inspirations, “collude”, connect, and unite.

Sick of Madonna, Springsteen, Moby, Rage Against the Machine, Dixie Chicks, and the whole gaggle of leftist bands that clog our airways and pollute the minds of unsuspecting listeners with their anti-American crap? Checkout DeploraBand.com! There you can find a new band to love playing great music – minus the sedition.

On the theatrical side, we are constructing a stage show – an arena rock musical with a bombastic America First delivery. Sign up for our free report on the sidebar, and we’ll keep you abreast of progress.

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Rob Stanley and the Triumph & Treason Team 2017