Journey’s Neal Schon gets his panties in a bunch over his band meeting with Trump, claiming he doesn’t want the band “used and exploited by anyone”, but was silent when “Don’t Stop Believing” was used at the Democrat National Convention in 2012:

AND, Journey got paid $500K to play for the Republican convention in 2012!

From Breitbart:

Journey guitarist and co-founder Neal Schon is publicly lashing out at his bandmates over their recent visit to President Donald Trump’s White House.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Schon posted video of the Journey White House meeting and blasted his bandmates’ attendance, writing: “Journey should never be used and exploited by anyone, especially band members for politics or any one religion. I’ve been here since 1972 and this has always been our belief. This was with intent to exploit the brand and use the name.”

The beef between bandmates has apparently been brewing for some time, Schon says, noting that they had agreed to keep politics and religion out of Journey business.

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Photo by Matt Becker

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