The music video for electronic music-maker Moby’s latest song depicts President Donald Trump as a Nazi robot who is eventually blown up by a band of rebellious citizens.
The three-minute video for Moby’s song “In This Cold Place” sees an evil capitalist Trump, who transforms into a flying swastika money symbol, in a battle to take over a slowly decaying world. Visuals in the trippy video include a border wall, President Richard Nixon with a Pinocchio-style nose that grows and wraps around the world, and several popular cartoon characters, including He-Man, the Care Bears, Mickey Mouse, and Mario.
“As time has passed, I’ve wanted more and more for my work to somehow reflect my political concerns and my world views and issues that are important to me,” Moby told HuffPost about working on his latest project. “I’ve realized that music videos are just a really good way of trying to do that.”
The 51-year-old singer says he’s not concerned about depicting violence against President Trump landing him in legal trouble, like it did Kathy Griffin, so much as he is worried about his new music video being banned from social media sites.

We could only hope.

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