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On Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily, former CIA operations officer Scott Uehlinger, co-host of “The Station Chief” podcast, told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow that the media wishes to “portray by inference” that President Trump is recklessly careless with classified information.
“I don’t see that as being the problem right now, from my perspective as a professional,” Uehlinger said. “The continued leaks of this type of information to the press are actually the greater threat to the common good than any of the actual terrorist revelations made to the Russians, which is sort of business as usual in the intelligence world.”

“In intelligence, we always say you have to consider the source. When you look at something like the Washington Post, which in the past week was shown to have basically printed two unsubstantiated rumors as fact, I’m going to definitely go with McMaster every time,” Uehlinger said, referring to National Security Adviser General H.R. McMaster’s denial of the Washington Post story about President Trump disclosing classified material to the Russian Foreign Minister.

“What’s being reported is that Trump perhaps provided information to the Russians from a city from which some information was obtained on this apparent ISIS plot to use laptops as explosives, but no sources and methods were given up, as McMaster states,” he continued.

“Of course, the fact that the threat is a possible ISIS use of explosive laptops – I mean, I don’t think that this in and of itself is a great revelation. For one thing, the Department of Homeland Security has discussed this since March, when they put a travel ban on the use of laptops in airplanes in flights going through ten Muslim-majority cities,” Uehlinger noted.

“The thing that I find very disquieting, shall we say, is that the liberal media is always waging a war of moral equivalence. They would have us believe, in this case, that their allegations against President Trump are even more severe than the documented factual transgressions of Democrats in the past,” he said.

“For instance, there has been some really grave public revelations of sensitive information under Democratic administrations, but of course this was ignored. Under Obama, CIA Director Panetta – on 60 Minutes, no less! – gave the identity of a medical doctor away that had been critical in finding Osama bin Laden. This mistake necessitated his evacuation immediately from Pakistan, lest he be killed. Shortly thereafter, Vice President Biden foolishly revealed that SEAL Team Six was behind that operation, and that resulted in a retaliatory attack that killed many SEALs on the infamous Extortion 17 flight,” Uehlinger recalled, using the call sign of the helicopter that was shot down by Taliban militants, killing all aboard.

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