Country singer Dustin Collins opened up about the ties between a wide array of American freedoms and the Second Amendment in an exclusive interview Sunday, in which he told Breitbart News: “Without the Second Amendment, there is no First Amendment.”

Collins currently has a single out titled “Cold Dead Hands.” It is a declaration to gun-grabbers everywhere that the Second Amendment has been preserved by generation upon generation and that preservation will not end on his watch.

“When I wrote this song I was watching the news and I just got super aggravated,” Collins told Breitbart News on Sunday. “I got real irritated with the whole thing … I thought about everybody I grew up with here in Kentucky–out here in rural America. You know, we get guns for our birthdays and Christmas. It’s something you get when you’re very young. When you’re eight, nine, ten years old, you get your first rifle and go deer hunting and stuff. People out there in other parts of the country don’t understand customs and traditions like we have in rural America.”


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