Thomas Schoettle, 17, was hospitalized in late June after he suffered a fractured neck and bruised spinal chord while diving into a pool. Schoettle was expected to attend the band’s concert in Philadelphia on July 14, but the tragic incident left him paralyzed, People Magazine reported.
A family friend of Schoettle decided to reach out to the band on Facebook earlier this month, hoping they could surprise the teen.
“Dear Zac, I know you must get many requests but I figured Iā€™d give it a shot. My sons (sic) best friend who is 17 years had a serious accident recently. They get tickets and go to your concert every time you come to the Philadelphia area. You are his favorite band,ā€ the post read.
“I know your schedule is super busy and I know its a long shot, but, would there be any chance you could visit him, if only for a couple minutes,” the post read.
The country band followed through. Frontman Zac Brown walked into the hospital room on Saturday to surprise the fan.
“Oh my God,” Schoettle is heard saying in a video posted on Facebook.
“I figured since you couldn’t come to us, we’d come to you,” Brown joked.

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